Tuesday, 24 August 2010

To Meat or not to Meat.....part deux

So I'm reaching the end of my 'experiment' and I'm proud to say there have been no meat shakes sweats cravings. Alright, there was an incident where I walked past a KFC and was tempted to buy a chicken wing - really and truly, who would have known? But I resisted temptation, and went home and made scrambled eggs on toast for dinner instead.

I saw my mechanic yesterday (Black Betty has a small leakage problem - more on that later), and he told me I had lost weight and asked what I've been doing. Ok, my mechanic is in love with me, so he could have been trying to flatter me, but a girl at work also mentioned that my face is looking a bit slimmer so it must be the lack of meat, no?

So nearly a month later, how am I feeling? Lighter, healthier, my skin is clearing up, my clothes fit better and most importantly, my shopping bill is much cheaper, meaning I have more money to spend on SHOES!!

I can't walk in them, but when did that matter??

Let's see if I can make it 2 months without meat....I'll keep you posted.

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