Friday, 26 March 2010

Let's Talk

"Lets Talk..." Discussion & Spoken word every 2nd Monday & @ Bar 19:20, Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, EC1
Running every other Monday, with a film night held every 4th Monday, Let’s Talk has been described as ‘an alternative to raving’, and rightly so. I can’t remember the last time I went raving; I’ve never really enjoyed it. In fact, I prefer to go to a live gig and see my favourite artists perform instead. So when an old mate invited me to come down to one of his Let’s Talk film nights, I was intrigued....
Hosted in Bar 19:20 on Great Sutton Street, the film nights begin around 7.30pm, but you are advised to get there at 6.30pm in order to get a good seat and avoid having your view blocked by a big head.
This week we were shown the film ‘Good Hair’, a docu-film narrated by Chris Rock about Black women and our hair. If you haven’t seen it already, I advise you to get a copy now! I am seriously considering going natural after watching it.....
During the film we were given bits of paper to write down any questions we had, which would be discussed afterwards.
The discussion afterwards was where it got a bit juicy – I must say I enjoyed this more than the film itself! There were some interesting points mentioned, such as ‘What is the definition of good hair??’ and ‘What do women hope to achieve by cosmetically altering their image to emulate a culture (European) that they don't belong to & which does not fully accept them??’. Understandably, it got a bit emotional, but this is what made it an enjoyable night. I may not have agreed with all the points mentioned (getting my regrowth retouched does NOT make me insecure, as suggested by one particular dude), but I came away from the night feeling rather stimulated.
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