Saturday, 13 February 2010

Rich Girl Poor Girl


I absolutely LOVE reading, and one of my favourite authors is Lesley Lokko. I discovered her about 3 years ago when I read her novel Sundowners, and I immediately became a big fan.
I’ve just finished reading her novel Rich Girl Poor Girl, which is her fourth book. All I can say about the book is that it’s a story of friendships, love and revenge – if I could tell you more I’d end up telling you the whole story and ruining it for you! It’s one of those books that I couldn’t put down, and as weird as it sounds, I was really upset when it finished as I didn’t want it to end!
One thing I love about her books is that they’re always set in at least 3 countries across the globe. Ms Lokko tends to set her books in London, the South of Africa and Europe. I’m not a big traveller (I don’t even have a bloody passport at the moment!), but the way she describes the locations always makes me feel as if I’m there, witnessing the action first hand.
If you happen to find yourself in a bookshop or library anytime soon, be sure to pick up this book, or indeed anything else written by Lesley Lokko.
Enjoy! xx

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